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60 Years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Glenn Putnam Goodlove began his professional life in 1962 as a school social worker, college professor and clinical social worker in Long Beach California He retired from Long Beach Community College in 1992 and moved to San Diego to live with his new bride, Sharon Bruce in Tierrasanta. In 1994 he met Mary Adams who created and managed Home Based Effective Living Professionals at that time. For the next 25 years, he was a provider as a Clinical Social Worker and served clients in San Diego County including: Alpine, El Cajon, , La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, Mira Mesa, Solana Beach, Spring Valley, and Tierrasanta and. In addition, he served Veteran’s and their families through virtual sessions before and during the COVID 19 pandemic. Through Give an Hour, he had clients from Fresno, Hemet, Lompoc, Lancaster, and San Francisco. He, along with Sharon, received training in Thought Field Therapy from Dr. Roger Callahan, PhD. Sharon is a Certified Diagnostician and Glenn is trained in applying the algorithms to manage mood and behavioral dysregulation.

Glenn has practiced meditation and mindfulness for over 40 years. In a workshop with author and teacher, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), Glenn met with him at the break, and Ram Dass shook his hand and told him “You are O.K. just the way you are”. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. He has been a teacher, counselor, therapist, mentor and coach to hundreds of students and clients over the past 60 years.

Glenn’s most recent training is in Dr. Stephen W. Porges Polyvagal Theory. Scientific evidence shows that what we eat, think, what we do and what we make events mean, may cause dysregulation in our brain/body.

From what Glenn learned, he believes that health and well-being is achieved from having adequate sleep (7-8 hours), healthy nutritional choices, regular exercise to increase heart rate and movement, relationships in which you feel loved and cared for (often pets will provide this) and finally, an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for what you have. He believes that positive self-talk can replace guilt and shame feelings from childhood and reducing the effects of fear and anxiety that may contribute to dis-ease and auto-immune disorders. Positive change can come from self-discipline of regular, even daily practice, of diaphragmatic breathing, mindful awareness of thoughts and feelings, and plans and actions to achieve health and well-being. Lastly, he believes that practicing loving kindness with compassion for oneself and other sentient beings is possible and may provide a healthier and safe relationships and save our environment.


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