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4 Easy Self-Esteem Boosting Activities

People with high self-esteem are happier, more confident, and generally feel good about themselves.

We sometimes can’t help but compare ourselves to others and the “ideal.” This leaves us open to self-criticism and decreased self-esteem. We can find ways to nurture our self-esteem. Below are three activities that can help.

1. Build a list of Positive Qualities

When feeling down or disappointed in ourselves, it’s often difficult to think positive thoughts about ourselves. It’s helpful to have a list of our positive qualities to lift our mood.

  • Start by writing down your positive characteristics on small pieces of paper (bonus points if you use a variety of colors preferred).

  • Fold each piece and put them in a decorative container.

  • Before bed, first thing in the morning and anytime you need a boost of confidence, select one or more pieces of paper and appreciate the quality you possess.

2. Text 3 Awesome People

When was the last time you told someone how awesome they are and how much you appreciate them? Boosting someone else's confidence can, in turn, boost our own.

3. Acknowledge others

We all like to feel seen. When we are acknowledged, it gives us a feeling of acceptance and inclusion. Next time you see a stranger, give them a smile and a nod of acknowledgment instead of just walking past. We get the added benefit of the mood boost smiling gives us, too.

4. Show Kindness

The holiday season is a special time of year when we feel more compassion for others—both those we know and those we don’t. Being kind to others reflects kindness back to ourselves. It helps increase our feelings of self-worth and brings a sense of joy and connection with others. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Send a card to a friend you’ve lost contact with and express your desire to keep in touch.

  • Buy a meal for a homeless person you pass on the street.

  • Use your skills to offer free professional services to a nonprofit.

  • Bake holiday treats for your neighbors.

  • Get together with friends, coworkers, or family to clean up a local park or beach.

  • Compliment a stranger.

  • Foster a pet.

  • Offer to take a photo of a couple struggling to take a selfie.

  • Offer a person behind you in line to go before you.

  • Tell a family member you love them.

  • Help a child with homework or a project.

  • Say “thank you.”

We all have the power to enhance our self-worth. You don’t need to change who you are, but you may need help believing and remembering how amazing you are. Practice makes perfect.


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