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Severely Mentally Ill, Teens, Couples, Addiction, Anger Management, Sexual Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, End of life, Cancer, Family, Children, Trauma, LGBT, Family Therapy, End of Life, Sex Addiction

It takes tremendous courage and strength to reach out for guidance. Each of us has developed a set of beliefs which shape our world. These beliefs influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am empathic, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. I am skilled at helping individuals and couples understand themselves in a new light increasing personal growth, self-discovery, and self- empowerment.


In addition to my education and counseling experience, I have 30 years of business experience. This unique combination of life, business, and counseling experience expands my ability to provide career counseling and life coaching, as well as traditional therapy.


I am an intuitive therapist who looks at each client’s unique needs through therapy. This means that I can pick up on specific issues and adjust my approach to best suit your particular issues. Because of this, I utilize an eclectic theoretical approach drawing from different theories and theorists – whatever works to improve self-efficacy and increase personal growth in the client I am with.

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Tina Burke, MA, LMFT

Tina Burke, MA, LMFT
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