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PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Art Therapy, CTP, Active Military, Special Forces, Moving, Life transitions, CBT, DBT, Substance Abuse, Stress Management, Stress, Depression, Women's Concerns, Mindfulness, Emotion and Insight, Adults, ADHD, Grief, Existential, Integrative, Grief and loss, Panic Disorder, Young Adults, Bipolar, Veteran Populations, Cognitive Therapy, Life Changes, Insomnia, CBT-I

Monica is a marriage & family therapist with nine years of experience. Her practice focuses on working with young adults, adults transitioning through life stages, and those struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, parenthood, and other challenges.

Depending on the therapy goals, she uses a variety of approaches that may include Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Existential Therapy.

Monica describes herself as “a warm and approachable person who brings a positive, honest, grounded perspective to each session.”

She offers online video and phone sessions through a HIPAA compliant online teletherapy service.

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Monica Thoelke, MA, LMFT

Monica Thoelke, MA, LMFT
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