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Adolescents, Adults, Depression, Anxiety, Community Health, CBT, ACT, MI, Motivational Interviewing

My name is Maria and I am a bilingual Clinical Social Worker with experience in community health, schools, and the criminal justice system.  I received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame in Anthropology in 2004. I then received two Master's degrees from the University of Chicago, one in the Social Sciences (2005) and in Social Work (2012).

I have 10 years of clinical experience and I help patients struggling with anxiety, depression, self harming behaviors, and difficulties navigating a stressful life transition, inner-conflict, or trauma. I am very committed to my patients and I believe that establishing a supportive relationship is crucial. I enjoy helping people through tough adjustments, whether that be from one stage of life to another, through loss, or even a career transition. Cheers!

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Maria Belinsky, LCSW

Maria Belinsky, LCSW
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