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She supports children, adults and couples on the journey to overcoming personal challenges, traumas and transitions to become the whole, empowered self and achieve full mind, body wellness. Because we are multifaceted beings comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects it is important to address and promote healing to all these areas to become the best, most complete and healthy version of our selves.


Genevieve employs a holistic approach to mental health and healing with the use of Integrative Psychotherapy, Spiritual Development and Clinical Nutrition to achieve optimal results.


Genevieve is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Masters in Social Work, Pupil Personal Credential, Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a specialty in Human Sexuality and Minor in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University. Some of Genevieve’s experience and past achievements include 6 years of Inpatient Medical Social Work, 2 years providing therapy to children as a school social worker, volunteering as a Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate, hospice bereavement, couples counseling and as a Human Sexuality Educator for residential foster adolescents.


In addition, Genevieve has been published in The San Diego Union Tribune for an article addressing the psychological and emotional effects of sexual harassment and trauma. Genevieve’s foundation as a therapist is based on compassion, understanding and a recognition that healing is client- centered and ultimately comes from identifying inner strengths and resources. Genevieve is currently accepting new patients for Telemedicine, office and home visits.

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Genevieve Gonzales, LCSW

Genevieve Gonzales, LCSW
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