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Medical, Legal, Disability Evaluations, Bariatric Evaluations, Forensic, Competency Exams, Clinical Evaluations, Cognitive Evaluations

I have many years of experience administering psychological, cognitive, and forensic assessments and writing reports for state and federal agencies, medical groups, and courts. I approach assessments in a collaborative manner, assuring that clients feel at ease to talk about the issues that brought them to the evaluation. I thoroughly review all medical and psychiatric records and incorporate clinical interview data in order to produce comprehensive, unbiased, objective, and timely assessments with factual information that will assist reviewers to make informed decisions. 

I am on the State of California’s board of Qualified Medical Evaluators for worker’s compensation evaluations, and I am also approved by the Social Security Administration to conduct disability evaluations. I have completed comprehensive mental health assessments, screened for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning problems, provided diagnoses, and recommended treatment services for clients with a broad range of mental health needs. I have also completed hundreds of forensic evaluations for the courts and provided expert testimony. I currently hold national certification as a Forensic Mental Health Evaluator through the National Board of Forensic Evaluators.

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Dr. Kim Mitchell, PsyD

Dr. Kim Mitchell, PsyD
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