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Depression, Chronic Pain Older Adults, Teens, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, LGBT, Sexual Assault, Women's Concerns, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Emotion and Insight

Desiree Cuevas, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical-community psychologist and native Southern Californian.


She believes that part of her role as a therapist is to secure a sense of connectedness not only between herself and her clients, but between her clients and their environment. She cares about her client’s growth as a whole individual and thus will incorporate holistic approaches where indicated to create strong alliances, enhance physical and emotional safety, and promote and stabilize autonomy and self-awareness. She takes on a warm, collaborative therapeutic style that aims for peace and understanding, while co-creating solutions with her clients to reduce stress and foster inner motivation, self-trust, and balance. She has engaged in various treatment modalities (individual, couples, family, group) over her professional career and believes empowering clients to become apart of their own progress is key. Her therapeutic areas of interest include intimate relationship issues, domestic violence, sexual assault, grief/bereavement/depression, life transitions/existential issues, identity issues/concerns/exploration, GLBTQQIAP exploration, and diversity/oppression concerns. Outside of her professional life, she loves to rock climb, paddle board, hike, meditate, read, try new restaurants, and hang out with her spouse and fur-babies Lucca and Niko.

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Desiree Cuevas, Psy.D.

Desiree Cuevas, Psy.D.
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