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Dual Diagnosis, Addiction, Anger Management, Stress Management, Behavior Modification, LGBTQ, Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Coping Skills, Self Esteem, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed, Trauma Focused, DBT, Mindfulness, Individual Psychotherapy

Does it seem like you are stuck, lost, or overwhelmed? Does is seem like you have to keep a tight lid on your emotions so as not to do damage to your relationships, career and family life? Are you struggling to manage your substance use and feel it has become out of your control? Choosing to get help is not easy as it takes immense strength, courage, humility, and vulnerability. Choosing to get help is the first step toward healing. Together we can work on your path of healing and growth.

My name is Carol Snowdeal, LCSW and I have over 20 years of experience helping others heal from life challenges and emotional struggles. I have 15 years working with addiction and recovery. I use a strength-based approach to help others heal, challenge repetitive unhealthy life loops, and make healthy life changes.

• Dual Diagnosis
• Addiction
• Anger Management
• Stress Management
• Behavior Modification

• Substance Abuse
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Behavioral Issues
• Coping Skills
• Self Esteem

Types of Therapy
• Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
• Motivational Interviewing
• Trauma Focused
• DBT/Mindfulness

• Individuals

Video/Tele Health
• Video Counseling

Testimonial: "Extremely professional. I have had close to a year’s contact with Ms. Snowdeal in her mental health programs that she has administered. There is nobody better in my opinion. I am much better off having been under her guidance.”

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Carol Snowdeal, LCSW

Carol Snowdeal, LCSW
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