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We Are Now Help Therapy!

We are delighted to present to you the new Help Therapy! Our company mission remains the same, and no action is required on your part to continue to be a part of our dedicated organization.

Behind the scenes, these new updates allow us to serve the HELP community with added security, marketing capabilities and efficient, user-friendly systems. 

Overall, here’s what you will notice:

  1. New name and logo.

  2. Quicker and more secure website:

  3. Intake form powered by IntakeQ: more secure and HIPAA compliant.

  4. New provider portal: Providers can create a provider profile to include a bio and picture as well as easily access important documents. Simply sign up on the website.

We look forward to continuing to offer top-notch service for the benefit of providers and patients. Again, no additional action is required on your part. However, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please respond to this message. 


Annette Conway

CEO, Help Therapy


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