Help Therapy Newsletter - July 2021

The Mental Health Connection

Summer has arrived! To add to the July 4th Independence Day celebrations, we can also celebrate a return to freedom—freedom from the fear instilled by the pandemic. We can now move forward with a renewed sense of hope and gratitude.

We’ve seen the number of patients coming to us skyrocket as more and more people feel more comfortable now that the COVID restrictions have eased. Many of our provider partners who were primarily or exclusively seeing patents online have transitioned back to face-to-face sessions (observing the necessary safety protocols, such as checking temperatures, wearing masks and gloves and using hand sanitizers).

The pandemic has taught us many things. We’ve adapted and grown. It’s important to reflect on how the pandemic has changed us (for better or worse) and to take what we’ve learned to choose how we want to live our lives moving forward.


Annette Conway Psy.D CEO Help Therapy

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month