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An easy way to find quality telehealth mental support during Covid-19

San Diego, CA – Help Therapy (formally Health Therapist) allows people to easily find quality mental health services during the Covid-19 crisis. Help Therapy’s website, quickly connects people seeking mental health services with mental health providers who best meet their individual needs. Using telehealth services, patients can be in their first sessions, in the comfort of their own homes within days of visiting the Help Therapy website.

“With so many Americans facing isolation, fear, anxiety and job loss during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s more important than ever to provide easy ways for people to seek mental health support,” stated Dr. Annette Conway, San Diego based Help Therapy President. “We match people with high quality mental health providers who can help them via phone or online during this crisis. The beauty of our service is that these people will be able to continue having sessions with the provider they have built a relationship with, after Covid-19 restrictions ease. These relationships and sessions will be able to continue via telehealth, in the patient’s home or facility or in a traditional office setting.”

Help Therapy connects people to a variety of health care providers including Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Nurse Practitioners. Each Help Therapy provider has his or her own specialty, and is referred to the patient according to their expertise and geographical location.

“With the influx of people in need of mental and emotional support during this Covid-19 pandemic, I am grateful to have Help Therapy’s administrative assistance so I can focus on what I do best,” stated Glenn Goodlove, Health Therapy LCSW Provider. “These times are challenging for so many, and with the use of telehealth coupled with relaxed HIPAA laws, my clients can still get the help that they need with easier insurance payment options. After this crisis, my clients can choose to continue with telehealth or have in-person sessions.”

Help Therapy providers specialize in meeting the needs of children, adolescents, adults and senior patients. Sessions can be individual, in couples or in family settings. No physician referral or monthly commitment is required for patients. Insurance and private pay options are available and fees vary based on provider and treatment method. 

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About Help Therapy

Help Therapy (formally called Health Therapist) was founded in 1993 and works to break down barriers to exceptional and personal mental healthcare. Help’s extensive administrative support system allows providers to focus purely on delivering exceptional care to patients – enabling them to treat people of all ages, cultures, socioeconomic levels, those with accessibility challenges and take into account each patient’s unique treatment needs. With Help’s unique four-tier service platform, patient sessions can take place at home, in office, at a facility or via telephone/video. Individuals, couples and families across California and Colorado can find the help they need at 


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