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Crisis Intervention, Crisis Evaluation, Short-Term Therapies, Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma-Informed Modalities, Cultural Competency, Psycho-Education, Dementia-Informed Therapies, Seniors, Dually-Diagnosed Populations, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Pain Reprocessing Therapy

I thrive on helping clients reach their goals with a primary focus on hope and forgiveness, of self and others. I strive to help clients accept multiple possible narratives for their suffering, opening up additional avenues of healing. I work with veterans who have suffered trauma in its many forms, including combat, natural disasters, and chronic medical conditions, including chronic pain. Currently I am enrolled in advanced training for trauma and pain reprocessing. I had suffered with chronic pain for many years, until Pain Reprocessing Therapy cured my chronic pain. I am excited to bring this relief to others! I attended James Madison University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Over the years I have provided counseling, case management, and psychotherapy in most settings in the profession, to include the following: outpatient behavioral health, inpatient medical rehabilitation , veterans hospital, acute medical, acute and general inpatient behavioral health, home-based counseling, nursing homes & assisted living facilities, faith based agencies, emergency evaluation centers, research/clinical trials firms, & active duty military service organizations.

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Julie Jeffery, LCSW

Julie Jeffery, LCSW
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