Help Therapy Newsletter - November 2021

The Mental Health Connection

It’s at this time of year, especially, we must think of those who are suffering and give our support. As an exhibitor in the Navy SEAL Foundation's fifth annual Whole Warrior Health Impact Forum in La Jolla last month, we were reminded of this fact. It was an outstanding event, focusing on the role of military culture and how we care for and connect with our military community. The presenters were leading experts in their fields, presenting evidence-based approaches to evaluation and treatment across all spectrums of physical and mental health, including suicide prevention and PTSD.

I encourage everyone to register and join us for next year's Navy SEAL Foundation conference. The entire event is free,

When it comes to helping people with a mental health condition get through the holidays with less suffering, there is much each of us can do. It could be donating food to a homeless shelter, inviting a lonely neighbor over for Thanksgiving dinner, or just lending an ear to someone who is especially troubled this time of year.

We all have much to be thankful for, including those who are distraught and may find it challenging to be grateful. Helping others who are suffering to see the many things they have to be thankful for may be the best kind of giving of all.

Read "It's Not Always Easy to be Grateful" in this newsletter for more insights.

Happy Thanksgiving

Annette Conway