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Medication management and therapy, Trauma, Addiction, PTSD, Mind/Body Medicine

Dr. Lauralee Flaherty has a doctorate in clinical psychology, and is also licensed as a nurse practitioner and a marriage and family therapist. Having 30 years of experience in both physical health and mental health, she brings a wide range of experience and skills with her. She specializes in an integrative medical approach, which means she is focused on the entire body using multiple fields of medicine, nutritional science along with evidenced based medicine and psychotherapy tailoring her approach to the specific needs of the individual. She has intensive training in the provision of psychotherapy from a Jungian perspective, and techniques including EMDR, Ericksonian hypnosis, Emotional Freedom and Art Therapy, and Reiki. She especially appreciates working with military veterans dealing with trauma and/or addiction.


Patients often express their appreciation to Dr. Flaherty for her unique skills and ability to quickly assess complex physical, psychological and emotional challenges and to help transform these challenges into successful outcomes.

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Lauralee Flaherty, NP/PsY

Lauralee Flaherty, NP/PsY
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