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Older Adults, Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Chronic Illness, Grief, Trauma

My practice includes adults (mostly 50+) that are dealing with life transitions, grief, relationship issues and/or medical issues that have led to symptoms of anxiety and depression and/or maladaptive coping strategies. I aim to provide a safe environment where you can share your struggles, secrets, and insecurities while feeling supported, heard and acknowledged…all without judgement. My goal is to help you meet your personal goals through gaining insight into the source of the problem/issue and identifying barriers stopping you from achieving your goals. I believe you have the answers within you already….we just need to explore more together. I tend to work with well with HSP's (highly sensitive people), LGBTQIA community, older adults, and those with anxiety. My therapy practice is collaborative, with the client and myself working together as a team towards emotional health.

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Veronica GM, LCSW

Veronica GM, LCSW
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