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It takes tremendous courage and strength to reach out for guidance. Each of us has developed a set of beliefs which shape our world. These beliefs influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am empathic, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. I am skilled at helping individuals and couples understand themselves in a new light increasing personal growth, self-discovery, and self- empowerment.


In addition to my education and counseling experience, I have 30 years of business experience. This unique combination of life, business, and counseling experience expands my ability to provide career counseling and life coaching, as well as traditional therapy.


I am an intuitive therapist who looks at each client’s unique needs through therapy. This means that I can pick up on specific issues and adjust my approach to best suit your particular issues. Because of this, I utilize an eclectic theoretical approach drawing from different theories and theorists – whatever works to improve self-efficacy and increase personal growth in the client I am with.

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Tina Burke, MA, LMFT

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