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Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, PTSD, Geriatric, Bipolar, grief and loss

I believe it takes courage and strength to reach out to a trained professional and seek help. We can learn how to become victorious over life’s hurts instead of a victim to them! Sometimes we simply need someone to help us gain perspective—to help us look from the outside in, instead of the inside out. We can “peel the onion”, process our stuff, and heal. Having gone through hurts as a child and the deaths of my own family, I believe I am can offer empathy as well as coping and healing help to others who are traumatized or grieving. We’re in this life together and we’re not meant to go through challenges alone.


I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT 97127) and have a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy. I enjoy working with clients of all ages. The model of therapy I practice is accepting, caring, compassionate and empowering of individuals and relationships. I have experience assisting clients with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, sexual abuse, chemical abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and childhood trauma. I also have experience with Play Therapy for children, including the use of a sand tray. With couples, I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy believing that emotions are connected to our most essential needs.


I have spent 10 years in professional Christian ministry as a Women’s Ministry Director and a Children’s Pastor. I know what it’s like to have the joy of ministering to others as well as juggling the unique challenges of ministry.


Additionally, I have over 25 years in the medical field as a Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology Technologist. One of my specialties is counseling therapy for anxiety and depression with post-cardiac events. I myself have family who have suffered from medical traumas, and have experienced the pain of watching a loved one suffer and pass away. I am passionate about walking beside others in their journey through pain and enjoy speaking engagements on the topic of “Surviving Grief and Loss” .


  • Years in Private Practice: 5 Years

  • Years in Ministry: 10 years

  • Years in Medical Field: 27 years

  • Years in Treating Addiction: 3 Years

  • School: University of Phoenix

  • Year Graduated: 2012

  • License No. and State: 97127 California

  • Psychology Today Bio

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Sue Bushrow, LMFT

Sue Bushrow, LMFT
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