PTSD, CBT, Depression, Anxiety, Teens Addiction, Trauma, Young Adults, Severely Mentally Ill, Substance Abuse

Hello, my name is Ryan. I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in San Diego. I am glad that you are reaching out by just reading this, thank you. You already have great strengths and talents which can be amplified in therapy. I guide people towards health with deep care while exploring your strengths, and your wounds of the mind and heart.


A variety of approaches will be used depending on what is best for you. No matter the approach, great sensitivity and kindness will be given while exploring uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and situations. Bringing hidden hurts into the light has great power to lead to a healthy identity and bring hope. You will learn practical skills in order to improve your life. All of this will take some work by you, but you are worth it, each of us is.

In therapy, you will always be cared for and heard. It would be a privilege to collaborate with you. I love guiding people to healing as it is a truly wonderful journey. If you would like to join me in pursuing health, feel free to contact me.

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Ryan Berwold, LMFT

Ryan Berwold, LMFT