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Trauma, Addictions, Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, EMDR

I have a calming disposition that sets a tone of warmth and safety conducive for psychotherapy. It is important to me to have a good therapeutic alliance with patients.

I have experience treating adults and teens with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, depressive disorders. In children and teens, I have experience treating severely emotionally disturbed, oppositional defiant and conduct disorders along with psychosocial stressors in teens and adults.

Issues that I address in therapy range from: depression, anxiety, personality disorders, mood disorders. With teens, I provide solution focused therapy for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents, oppositional defiant and conduct disorders. Former felons, probation and parolees struggling with being institutionalized and stress adapting to responsibilities in life. I work with those that have anger issues, those with psychotic disorders and sexually deviant and/or sex offenders. In addition, I have 30 years' experience in addressing addiction disorders.

I use a client-centered, solution focused approach. I believe in the brain/mind/ body/(spiritual for those who would like) approach to therapy. I incorporate evidenced based treatment modalities which include, EMDR, CBT, and Somatic therapy, and mindfulness techniques. For sex offender treatment I utilize the evidence based Good Lives Model. I also use art therapy.

Based on presenting concerns, I utilize approaches best suited for the problems.

In my years of clinical practice, I have noticed the following recurring themes amongst my patients who experience depression and stress- related disorders: feelings of powerlessness, loss, loneliness, and sadness. Fears, negative emotions, anxiousness, and isolation. For those who have a history of incarceration there is an overwhelming correlation with childhood abuse, neglect and addiction. For those with history of trauma, it affects many areas of life from employment, relationships, self-worth, addiction, and self-harm. Those affected by trauma are very strong and resilient.

A key component essential in the therapeutic practice is a good fit. Without a good fit between me and the patient, there will be a lack of trust and rapport essential to the healing process. I encourage new patients to be vocal avoid this. It is important the feel that our collaboration is a good fit.

My philosophy is that life is about STRIVING not just surviving. My treatment philosophy is the same. It is my goal through a therapeutic alliance with my patients for them to reach a point where they feel free to experience joy in their life. To be a peace within regardless of what is going on around them. This is true acceptance.

It is an honor to be able to work alongside my patients as they learn to develop a sense of safety, self-worth, positive relations and a productive part of society. To guide the patient away from the stigma of mental illness and to embrace their strength and resilience. That mental illness is not who you are. Mental illness is just a part of a person, not the entire person.

I am first generation Mexican American. This has shown me how to be cognizant and empathic toward different cultures, the LGBTQIA community and the pansexual community.

I am a mother, artist, sister, daughter, vegetarian and adrenaline junkie.

It has always been my dream to become a psychotherapist. I am passionate about thriving in life. To be a part of someone’s journey to achieve that is a great honor.

I started working with severally emotionally disturbed children and teens in 1993. I then began working in the forensic setting in 1998 with adolescents in juvenile hall, women and men in prison system. But continued my work with the emotionally disturbed children. I continued in forensics until 2017 when I opened up my private practice.

I have a Master of Social Work, Bachelors of Ethnic Studies, and Bachelors of Studio Art. I am certified in EMDR and CBT. I specialize in Trauma and addiction.

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Patricia Narez, LCSW

Patricia Narez, LCSW
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