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Mood disorders, Interpersonal Relationships, Coping Skills, Stress, Life Transitions, Interpersonal Communication

I have chosen to pursue a career in the field of mental health to provide a safe space for those wanting to explore their challenges the opportunity to do so, free of judgment. My experience in the field over the last 16 years has provided a strong foundation to support those from vast walks of life to navigate their individual needs. My therapeutic approach is based primarily on the fundamentals of client centered with aspects of existential, solution focused, CBT and other theories as pertain for client's needs.

I am passionate about many different facets of mental health and have great experience/expertise in the following areas: substance abuse, mood disorders, dual diagnoses, anxiety, grief, trauma, domestic violence, disabilities, interpersonal relationships and life transitions to name a few. I offer both short term and longer goal focused therapy options.

I would be happy to have a session with you to determine whether my therapeutic style matches what you are looking for in a therapist at this time. I look forward to connecting with you soon. I have flexibility in scheduling and meeting formats to accommodate client needs.

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Mollie Buchanan, LMFT

Mollie Buchanan, LMFT
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