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Couples, Substance Abuse, PTSD, CBT, DBT, Eating Disorders, Sexual Trauma, Mindfullness, Anxiety, Depression, Children and Adults, LGBT

Dr. Katrina Zaleski is a licensed clinical psychologist and adjunct professor of psychology specializing in anxiety and depression in children and adults. Being a specialist in anxiety and depression requires a clinician who is knowledgeable with experience, empathy, and genuine concern. Staying up to date on new research, knowing how to apply different therapeutic techniques, and being familiar with the unique struggles individuals face who have anxiety and depression, are essential in getting good care.


Dr. Zaleski believes in working together so that your life is balanced and your relationships thrive by focusing on problem solving, creating space for self-care, learning emotional regulation skills for negative thoughts and feelings, and discussing how to create and maintain healthy boundaries. All this happens in a compassionate and confidential space where you can learn more about yourself and what you need in order to create emotional balance.


You are unique and so are the concerns that brought you to therapy. Dr. Zaleski draws from behavioral therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy as well as compassion-focused therapy, solution focused therapy, mindfulness, and meditation. It all depends on what you need and what you personally feel like works best for you. She uses evidence-based approaches that have been researched to be effective for anxiety and depression. Together you create a toolkit full of healthy coping mechanisms that you can draw on throughout your life.


Other specialties include couples therapy, co-dependency, and supporting those who identify as highly sensitive. She is with you every step of the way to help you navigate through these challenges. You work together to heal, balance, and restore harmony to your mental health.

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Katrina Zaleski, Psychologist

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