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Domestic Violence, Social-Cultural Trauma, Cross Cultural Differences, Gender Issues, Chemical Use Disorder, Addiction, Recovery/Relapse Prevention, Developmental Crises, Situational Crises, Disruption to Family Life, Infidelity, Men's Issues, Women's Issues, Grief and Loss, Mid-Life Issues

"I, today and tomorrow, stand on the shoulders of my ancestors whom have gone before me." 

- Jane T. Bond

I was born in Louisville Kentucky but raised mostly in the bay area. My father is a native of Kentucky, and member of a national black family whose several generations since slavery have devoted their lives to black leadership and public service. I am the direct descendent of Dr. James Bond, my great Grandfather, who although born a slave worked his way through Berea College, in Kentucky, later to become an educator and leader.

My mother is a native of California, and third generation Japanese American. As the result of WWII, anti-Asian prejudice, the racially-motivated fear of the Japanese and the signing of Executive Order 9066, paved the way for the US government to incarcerate over 100,000 thousand men, women and children of Japanese ancestry, including my mother, my uncle, my grandmother and grandfather.

My heritage, coupled with my own life challenges, has been a necessary part of my education and growth. As a biracial psychotherapist, I bring a socio-cultural-historical dimension to my approach to therapy, which acknowledges the existence of an interrelationship between what we call mind and the world around us. This interrelationship can have a profound influence on our perception of ourselves, others, and our current situation.

Just by the mere fact we're born human, we are more likely than not to go through a stressful life event, possibly leaving one to experience emotional or cognitive discomfort, wanting to know why, wanting to feel healthier or happier, more satisfied, or complete in life. My areas of practice include but not limited to Domestic violence, socio-cultural trauma, identity concerns, relapse prevention.

Talking with a therapist can help empower you to develop new insights about yourself, others, your current situation, and the world around you. Therapy can also help you develop new coping strategies to apply to your current situation which can lead to interpersonal growth and other life changes.

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Jane Bond, LMFT

Jane Bond, LMFT
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