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Dr. Hoxie’s education and experience brings diversity and a holistic approach to psychology. Her main focus is the integration of mind and body to promote personal growth and well-being. She is a licensed registered nurse and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She completed two masters degrees; one in public health with emphasis in nutrition and a second in marital and family therapy with emphasis in postmodern therapies. Her PhD in psychology focused in neuroscience with emphasis in humanistic existential perspectives. Her dissertation research was on traumatic brain injury and the affects on the family/spouse with a focus on adapting to changes and learning to transcend tragedy. These experiences and educational endeavors bring a spectrum of knowledge from a multidisciplinary approach to the therapeutic process and life in general. The diversity broadens the level of support for helping clients facilitate positive changes. inmate coping skills for future challenges, and clarify life goals.


Specialties include:


  • Group therapy- focus on personal growth

  • Couples counseling – communication issues

  • Learning to cope with chronic illness

  • Grief, loss, and bereavement

  • Life transitions – parenting, divorce, “empty nest,” career loss, or job changes

  • Existential shattering – coping with tragedies and life adversities

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Elva Hoxie, PhD, RN, MPH, MFT

Elva Hoxie, PhD, RN, MPH, MFT

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