Adults, Depression, Anxiety, CBT, Solution Focused, Existential, Integrative

My name is Amy Waszak and I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I believe in the power of personal transformation, one small (or large) step at a time!


I have over 20 years experience working from a Social Work perspective with adults who have experienced abuse and various other traumas. My theoretical orientation is mostly solution focused, cognitive-behavioral, and existential, but I tailor my approach depending on individual needs. I am learning to use Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples, which is an approach that focuses on secure and healthy emotional bonding between partners. I possess a strong belief in mind- body connectedness, and believe that exercise, or movement of some kind, and good nutrition are the basis for a healthy mind and body. I practice mindfulness in my own life to achieve clarity and balance, and also so that my heart will be compassionate to bear witness to the suffering of others. I will often share mindfulness practice with my clients, so that they may be on a journey of acceptance and self-compassion, which is healing. I believe that all people, regardless of their experiences in life, have the ability to live their best life possible, whatever that may mean for each person. My goal is to work with each one of my clients to determine what steps they need to take to achieve their best life, through a collaborative approach that embodies compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, acceptance, and healthy relationships.

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Amy Waszak, LMFT

Amy Waszak, LMFT

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