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Substance Abuse, LGBTQ, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

If you’re seeking a therapist who will nod their head and utter the sounds like “Ah Ha” and “Hmm,” I’m not your therapist. In my 35 years of working in the field of psychology, I have come to appreciate the use of simple and direct communications with empathy and humor to help normalize what often feels like overwhelming and impossible.

In order to understand my style, it may help to learn how I developed it. I started with a BA in Fine Arts and found myself teaching at risk youth. I then took on a job directing a satellite campus in San Miguel d Allende, Mexico. Upon returning to the states, I sought out my MA in Clinical Psychology while working with court ordered gang members. What better way to learn about trauma and earn my street cred than in that community!

Teaching has been a large part in my therapeutic approach. Simplifying overwhelming feelings and what often appears to be confusing and conflicting thoughts can be empowering. To do so is to learn just how our behaviors are natural and human. Become more self-aware of our patterns and how to create adjustments.

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Alan Valdes, LMFT

Alan Valdes, LMFT
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